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mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Being and Doing - Annotations on existence

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Today I will be brief, but I want to point out a fundamental aspect with which I confronted myself recently in several threads:

The loss of view of Being.

I don't doubt that it is normal to want to do, especially in today's society where each of us wants to reach goals and targets.

The big mistake is that this leads us to Make a series of errors:

  •      Our real expectations are really the expectations we ask to realize to ourselves?
  •      To "do" without ever looking inside, our emotions, our unconscious, doesn't maybe set our mind to go automatically?

An excess of rationalization and automatic action aimed to profit leads to annihilation of the power of expression and creativity that comes from our inner world.

To be present

We are really conscious and aware of what we do? Not so often.

W go on automatically, we eat absentmindedly, thinking about other things, we move, we do sports, we create works through the corporeal body without listening to our bodies. We put in place a series of automated actions.

Similarly, our mind searches for a creative act only few times; it almost never searches for innovation, something that is not already pre-assembled and supplied by the external environment.

The dogma of Doing leads to deprivation of energy

When every act we do goes into a routine, an habit, and you do not internalize it and you never manifest your inner being for what it generates in us to the external world, we often feel exhausted, drained of meaning:

we often conform our lives to the point where to eat, sleep, work, play sports, have relationships, interests become habits without passion and belief.

This creates in us a separation from our Being, the vision of an empty shell and sometimes the sensation to be claustrophobically trapped in a self-induced mechanism by which we don't see the possibility of changes or no way out.

Balance between usefulness and spiritual quest

Through the re-conquest of our inner time we can slowly restore the contact with our Being, looking at what we are feeling, our emotions, our desires, our creative needs.

We don't "HAVE TO" be, but we should begin to feel that searching for who we are can make us feel good and improve our life's experience: our impulses, our emotions, our unconscious, awareness of ourselves and of us in connection with the outside, the external environment.

we have to start from there, through the intellect and in balance with the reason.

We'll feel how to restart, change and let the core of existence to flow in and out, restarting from the root, from scratch, from the basics of natural existence.

See you soon!

Spirit flows into Action (Blue and Red) giving equilibrium in the Temperance tarots card

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